asics Sports bag compact drum (Grey / Black) Review

asics Sports bag compact drum (Grey / Black)

  • 28 centimeters high
  • 55 centimeters wide

Product introduction Compact drum Our Brands [Asics] The history of “ASICS” begins to be Mr. Kihachiro Onizuka in 1949 has decided to production and sales of school children for canvas shoes that were missing at the time the market. Brand name “ASICS” is, if pray to name complain, “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano (if God of satirist Yubenarisu of AD two centuries early Rome, a sound mind in a healthy body is to pray and Arekashi it) has become a derived from the initials of “, this word in impressed Onizuka is hope” to be soundly foster youth through sports “, and decided to produce a full-fledged sports shoes. “If Rarere beyond the first high hurdle, then the hurdle even be exceeded more and more,” based on his idea, basketball shoes, which has been said to be the most difficult in sports shoes production at the time was the very first to made. The shoes are the face of the tiger in the arch portion has been designing, it was the commodity that became the basis of the trademark “Onitsuka Tiger” after. After that volleyball, soft tennis, mountain climbing, softball, also started to dance, such as a variety of genres shoes, also popular walking shoes in recent years. The Onitsuka Co., Ltd. and changed its name to the after, which was established as Onizuka Co., Ltd. in 1949, it changed to ASICS Corporation in 1977, merged with the Corporation Jiitio and Jerenku Co., Ltd. of sportswear maker of sportswear and equipment maker, in recent years it has led to up to boast a solid popularity as a comprehensive sporting goods manufacturer.

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